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Category Equipment for Sale
Created 2017-10-24
Owner sDXj4yLwgq
Title kanken bag friend company International
Description friend "Bodhi Mind" series of coral jewelry source: friend company International (Beijing) red coral jewelry Co. characteristics of pure natural red coral one the coral has the parallel growth line in parallel the direction is the parallel coral column the cross section has the growth ring like the annual ring by small and big two there are natural flaws such as white black dots and small spots are normal not bad three the color of coral is gradually deepened from the inside out the closer to the surface the deeper the color of the coral; the pandora charms sale clearance inner layer replica hermes bracelets the lighter the color four coral jewelry is replica cartier jewelry only has the life of the Millennium treasure bright luster jade crystal clear exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful five personal wear can promote the blood circulation removing blood places broken bones beauty but also can produce blood eyesight change of different colors according to the human body so it can be called human body essence gas God observation station several fake and inferior coral products Liu a sea of bamboo the use of imitation coral jewelry Phenomenon: there are obvious vertical texture uniform color giving people a dead dead astringent feeling there is no unique coral pore residue two filling with loose coral staining shallow coral with dendritic staining and filling glue injection way Phenomenon: smooth surface rough and fragile bvlgari jewelry replica easy to fade color กก can black kanken backpack be identified by means of the parallel growth structure of the shell and the pink zoning.
pandora charms clearance 58;MOQ (pieces) standard purchase price of 100-999 1global more trouble. search for relevant information. etc. or a personal station, with soap mild water solution, there is no way to remedy!
Broken Yes
Price $ 50,000.00
Promotion level None