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Created 2017-11-29
Owner enamelledwire
Title Xinyu Aluminum Magnet Wire from China
Description Xinyu Aluminum Magnet Wire has been engaged in the production of xinyu-enameledwire Aluminum Magnet Wire for many years. So it has accumulated a wealth of industry experience. Here let us take a look at some criteria of enameled wire. An Important criteria is the appearance of enameled round wire or flat wire as follows: Enameled round magnet wire: When conductor nominal diameter d≤0.200mm, at a distance of three orientations of each of 1m, each measuring a diameter, according to three measured values, the mean value as the outside diameter. Enameled Wire should be bright, uniform color, no particle without oxidation, scared shortcomings yin and yang side, no black mottled peeling paint, etc.. And the function of discharge line should be structured, tightly wound flat online disc, no pressure line which affect the appearance. ECCA Wire: .
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