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Created 2016-12-08
Owner xtnqgwagql
Title she becomes more and more mature
Description Some words ,just one of the excuses escape from reality. Anyway
When a girl still be a single girl, she is free, just like a bird in the sky.

When a girl falls in love with a man, it's the happy time, it's sweet and enjoyable.

When a girl enter the marriage hall, it's another stage,In a good way, something is changing.

As a wife,The misjudged flat tire, she becomes more and more mature, she cares about much more things, the young lady become middle-aged soon, in order to daily necessities tightening budgets. She need to care for two families, her parents and her parents-in-law. She would not have her own way of doing something, she should take care of the moods from her husband. Sometimes, maybe there was argue between the wife and husband,Sometimes you want to change a job, but it's not a big deal. The world without a quarrel couple, but every experience a quarrel, it let us add a portion of each other. They both need to make a concession. Work and life, it should be harmonious.

When become a mother, she thinks about more and more things, especially on the baby. Is there any better way to take care of the baby? Does she need to quit the job...but return to reality, quit the job is not the best way or wise way. Thinking about the economic situation, she should keep on working. So let the baby stay in hometown with her grandparents. Separating from her baby is unbearable, but it can't be changed for the moment. We give in for living.

Then more and more friends around have bought house or car in city,it is grandparents, some pay for it by a loan, some afford it by their families' help... The one without a house or a car would admire the one with house and car. It's normal. And it's just admiring.

We keep on fighting in the same direction. We believe that our dreams will come true before long.

Life is neither so easy nor so hard, we should cherish it.
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